1TDC™ was built upon the mission of providing superior wellness products that promote oral health and mobility for your pets, and ours, at every stage of life.

Mark, a cat lover, and Olivier, a dog lover, co-founded 1TDC™ out of a shared passion to create a product that solved both feline and canine oral health and joint/hip/mobility concerns.

Mark and Olivier recognized that other oral health and mobility products on the market offered minimal results at best. They came together to provide pet owners and canine trainers with an all-natural product backed by research and proven results.

Through 1TDC™ technology and research, pet owners and veterinarians experienced measurable results. World-renowned canine sports trainers and competitors started using 1TDC™ and noticed improved performance, faster recovery, and healthier teeth and gums. They began requesting their veterinarians to carry the product in their practices.

Dr. James Anthony is a board-certified veterinary dentist with 30 years of experience in the field. He first learned about 1TDC™ after reading an article in The Journal of Periodontology. Skeptical of the supplement’s effectiveness, Dr. Anthony decided to conduct his own clinical study to prove that 1TDC™ could not deliver the results it claimed.

At the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, where he was the Head of Veterinary Dentistry, Dr. Anthony designed a double-blind study using olive oil as a placebo. The study ran for 63 days, using the lab’s cat population as test animals. Dr. Anthony himself took all the measurements of all the test elements for each tooth in every cat.

When the results were in, Dr. Anthony was amazed to find that all the periodontal parameters measured achieved results even better than those presented in The Journal of Periodontology.

Convinced that 1TDC™ really could make a difference and wanting to educate others about the supplement, Dr. Anthony agreed to join our team as our Chief Medical Officer – Veterinary. Since discovering 1TDC™, Dr. Anthony has used the supplement clinically in thousands of cases.


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