In a tropical climate like ours, mosquitoes are a constant irritant and menace to us and our pets.  They can carry harmful viruses or parasites and cause dangerous conditions like heartworm infection.

Protect your furkids and yourself from the mozzies with Botanica’s all-natural solution.

Botanica curates high quality oils of lavender, tea tree and citronella and blend them in a water-based moisturizing agent.

The result is a heavenly smelling spray without the stickiness that is associated with some repellent sprays.

Anti-mozzie-ing couldn’t get any more pleasant than this.


Receive free doorstep courier with $60 nett purchase

Announcement ~ We bid farewell to the production of our very own Furry Planet Made-to-Order Treats.

Only tendons and selected chews are available for cart out. Please see our home page for more information.