Botanica International Ltd was established in 2005 amidst the growing awareness of natural products and to utilize the wonders of Nature’s Healing Energy.

Botanica’s natural herbal range was developed to treat common skin conditions. They contain a combination of natural ingredients, all of which have proven beneficial properties. Working in synergy, these herbs and oils promote healthy cell growth and complete recovery without scarring.

Traditionally we would look for a cream to form a barrier on a cut, but in fact a heavy thick cream can slow down the healing process on two levels. It can hold dirt around the affected area and it can prevent infection from getting out.

Botanica’s wash cleanses the area and helps to remove any dirt or scabbing which may have formed. This part of the process is vital as it keeps the affected area open and draining, to allow any infection that may be present to drain.

The wash is followed by Botanica’s Herbal Cream which is readily absorbed into the skin. It activates the healthy cells and the powerful combination of the herbal and the soothing properties of the natural oils get to work on a swift, complete recovery.

Made in Ireland and widely used in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and also in Australia, Germany, Denmark, Norway; it is loved by many who prefers the natural and herbal way.

All of the Botanica products have been tested by the LCH Laboratory in Paris (World Renowned). To prove they are all free from chemicals, toxins, parabens and lanollens.

Real Reviews

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