How should I store the treats?

Treats are best kept airtight in the refrigerator or in a cool and dry place. Storerooms are not ideal as they are a humid environment due to our weather conditions. To test, place a dehumidifier eg. Thirsty Hippo, in the storeroom and ascertain if it “drinks” up the humidity quicker than other areas.

How long can the treats be kept for?

Our treats are dated by their production dates and are best consumed within 12 weeks while freshest. As they are made without preservatives, we encourage the storage of treats in the fridge once received. Ensure they are dry and without condensation and they will be good for 3 months or more. Treats stored in the freezer may even last 6 months.

How do you ensure the quality of your home-made treats?

Furry Planet only source from suppliers serving human-grade produce, often to F&B establishments and end consumers. We are transparent on the cuts of meat used, as well as their feed grade. We prefer grass-fed to grain-fed animals, wild caught to farm-raised ocean creatures, and favours organic produce whenever such cost permits.

An appropriate example would be our choice to use wild caught salmon from the North Pacific Ocean versus Norwegian or Chilean Salmon, which is for the vast majority farm-raised.

How do you ensure hygiene standards in the treats production?

All raw meats undergo a sanitizing process prior to dehydration. We use hypochlorous solution, an ultra food safe, human safe and eco-safe method in our process. We encourage you to learn about hypochlorous acid and how it can arm you and your family to be antiviral and antibacterial.

You can also check out our KilGerms Plasma Water Sterilizer here, to learn how this product generates hypochlorous acid at the home front.

Besides sanitizing our raw meats, we disinfect all food contact surfaces with hypochlorous acid and adhere to strict hygiene protocols in our home kitchen. We are proud that our ethics guide us in ensuring high standards, without needing endorsements or checks from governing bodies. We are after all, using this same kitchen for ourselves and our pups.

Do you oven-blast your treats?

Oven blasting is a post process that touts the killing of bacteria for safe consumption. In our research, oven blasting is done for the added safety for human’s handling of dehydrated raw food; not for safety in consumption. Our pets’ stomachs have a higher acidity to handle raw and certainly dehydrated food. That is not to say they don’t fall sick if the meats are contaminated with health-threatening bacteria; thus the emphasis on sanitization of all raw produce.

We choose to sanitize meats while they are still raw, PRIOR to the dehydrating process. This also means bacteria has little chance of remaining on the meats during dehydration, building up heat-resistance over the long drying process and surviving on the end product. This method ensures eliminating bacteria even before they are in the dryer, making it safer for consumption and handling.

What are the expiry dates for your non-treats products?

We ensure a minimum of six months shelf life for non-treats products. In the event it is shorter, you will be notified and given the right to cancel the item.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship out from Singapore where we are based, to Malaysia, S.Korea and countries serviced under Qxpress and Speedpost’s network. Please contact us to obtain a quote based on items you are keen on. We apologise that we are unable to ship food items out of Singapore due to hygiene and custom restrictions.

Can I self-collect in-stock items?

We make exceptions for urgent medical conditions. Please Whatsapp us at 8779 7457 for such requests and we will try our best to fulfil.

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