Freeze Dried Meals

“We are what we eat” and we couldn’t agree more. Nutrition is not just sustenance, it determines if our furkids will thrive. A quality food makes a world of difference in their health and well being.

Whilst we love fresh and whole foods, a whole array of reasons often prevents us from this. We feed our best, and if kibble’s our best, we try to add frequent fresh produce (green leafy vegetables, fruits) or bone broths. If we can do non-kibbles and go commercial cooked, freeze dried, air dried or raw, we look for quality and reliable sources.

We ask ourselves; is the brand trustworthy, where is the produce from/made in, what ingredients do they star, and even the strengths of their brand.

It’s not hard to have a range of food brands in the store, it’s harder when we ask ourselves are these the same brands we will feed our own. So while we are slow to “display” and sell, you can be sure what we do put out, we stand with, and done our research and trials.

Let’s explore sustenance and nutrition on Furry Planet. And stay with us as we journey to present more premium brands at Furry Planet.


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