World No.1 Most Advanced Environmental Friendly Plasma Water Sterilizer

Total Germicidal Protection

Generate your own alcohol-free sanitizer for less than $1 per 500ml bottle. And never run out of sanitizers again!

A breakthrough technology proven to be stronger than chemical based sanitizers and disinfectants, yet is safe and gentle on the skin.

KilGerms electrolyses water and salt to generate HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid), mimicking our own body’s ability to produce this same acid that kills invading bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

The pH neutral potent solution kills 99.9% of commonly found bacteria and viruses, such as H1N1, Human Coronavirus OC43, Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus, E.Coli; in less than one minute.

Unlike conventional disinfectants, HOCl KilGerms is ultra-safe with zero toxicity even when accidentally ingested or into eyes. It is baby, pet and eco-friendly, turning into water (H20) after elapsed use. Use as often as required with no cautionary advices (such as flammable, avoid eyes or inhalation).

Benefits and uses of KilGerms Sanitizer

• Replicates the body’s natural defence, producing HOCl to kill known viruses, bacteria and spores.
• Delivers quick sanitizing and sterilizing protection to rapidly eliminate risk and enhance health and safety.
• Safe for skin application with no residue to rinse off and no eye or skin irritation.
• Drastically simplifies cleaning routines and reduces downtime, enhancing productivity and profitability.
• Completely non-harmful to human, animals and plant life; it can be ingested and sprayed directly on to raw food without rinsing.

Spray on common contact points:

• Work desk, pantries, keyboards, door handles.
• Kitchen surfaces, Chopping Boards, wash sponges.
• Toilet seat covers, wash sinks.

Now: $329 (from $399 in 2020)
Retail Price : $598.00

Made in Korea with one year official local distributor warranty.

Bactericidal and Virucidal (including Parainfluenza, H1N1 and Human Coronavirus OC43) test reports by TUV Singapore and BCS USA Laboratories are available for viewing at KilGerms’ outlet.

KilGerms sanitizing solution is produced from the electrolysis of water and KilGerms Power Salt to generate potent Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) at a neutral pH for safe sterilization.

The main ingredient HOCI is the potent ingredient that distinguishes the KilGerms Sanitizer from other disinfectants. HOCI is an oxidant produced by white blood cells called neutrophils, which are used to control the body’s response to injury and protect it against infection.

The body’s white blood cells generate HOCI with salt, water and energy. To replicate this concoction, the HOCI found in the KilGerms Sanitizer is made with an electrically charged mixture of pure salt and water. 

HOCl is highly effective in destroying microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses without any harmful effects to the human body or environment. FDA and EPA (USA) have approved Hypochlorous acid for food preparation, sanitizing of food contact surfaces, and sterilizing of raw meats without leaving behind any toxic chemical residue.

Q: Is KilGerms Plasma Water safe to use on humans and animals?
A: Yes, KilGerms is ultra-safe to be used on both humans and animals as it is non-toxic, contains no harmful chemicals and safe even when licked or contact with eyes. KilGerms generates hypochlorous acid, the same compound our body produces to kill invading pathogens. It is effective in eliminating 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria, killing them in 30 secs (and max of 5mins for fungal spores).

Q: How many times can I spray on my skin or other surfaces?
A: As many times as required with no dosage limitations. KilGerms plasma water does not contain steroids, alcohols or antibiotics and will not dry up your skin.
When sprayed on surfaces, it is not harmful as it is non-toxic and will convert to water. There is no concern of harmful residues left behind or chemicals being flammable or not safe when inhaled.

Q: Would there be any residue left on my vegetables/meat after washing with KilGerms Plasma Water?
A: We recommend one water rinse after washing with KilGerms. Countries such as Japan, Korea and the USA have approved the application of Hypochlorous acid to foods such as raw vegetables and meats to reduce microbial contamination and extend their shelf life. Studies have shown that the residual chlorine was reduced to 0.03 parts per million after one rinse with water. Similar studies with chemically chlorinated water required 4 water rinses to reduce residual chlorine to similar levels.

Q: What is the shelf life of the KilGerms Plasma Water?
A: The KilGerms solution can remain effective for up to 14 days or longer if stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Q: Is KilGerms Plasma Water bleach? And why is it so safe to use?
A: Bleach is corrosive, toxic, will burn, generates fumes/vapors and is not safe for use on skin or wounds. In addition, stabilized bleach has a pH of >11. KilGerms is a hypochlorous solution that is safe, non-toxic and pH balanced. KilGerms Plasma Water is generated at a neutral pH and will not harm healthy tissue.

Q: What happens when the provided Power Salt runs out? Can I use normal salt to generate the disinfecting solution?
A: Additional Power Salt (at less than $25) can easily be purchased from authorized retailers. Normal salt will work but is not recommended as it may leave deposits on the titanium plate over time, and decrease the efficiency of the generator. KilGerms Power Salt is a high grade pure salt to ensure the best performance in electrolysis.

Q: Has KilGerms been tested?
A: Yes, KilGerms has been tested by TÜV SÜD (Singapore) and BCS Laboratories (Florida) on a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Furthermore, there have been many published scientific papers on the effectiveness of Hypochlorous acid on microorganisms. KilGerms lab tests papers are available for viewing at its showroom:

10 Anson Road
#02-86 International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Dr Eugene Lin, The Animal Ark Veterinary Group

Kilgerms products have helped our business reduce the usage of various chemicals around our veterinary practice. The non-toxic nature of the Kilgerms solution is friendly to our patients and staff, making it incredibly simple to use. Now, we use Kilgerms to disinfect and deodorise our surfaces, equipment and even air!

Dr Lee See Yang, United Veterinary Clinic

Kilgerms is an amazing product. It is the most user-friendly antiseptic/disinfectant I have used. I use it daily at my practice to disinfect open wounds and aid recovery. I have also found it particularly effective in treating skin problems and removing odours. Thank you Kilgerms!

Mr Victor Wong, home user

I use Kilgerms solution with a towel to rub my dog down every day after walks. In addition, I apply Kilgerms to any pet “accidents” around the house. Now my place smells so much fresher.

Dr Lim, a home owner

The powerful nature of KilGerms was able to remove odours in the bomb shelter that other traditional air purifiers could not! Additionally, KilGerms is well suited to a home use where its non-toxic nature does not jeopardise the elderly or young when they handle it

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