What is Medilox-P?

Medilox is a safe and hypoallergenic high-level disinfectant generated from medical certificate systems of European CE Class IIb and the U.S. FDA Class I based on patented technology, and it presents no irritation by using raw materials approved by the USFDA (No.178.1010).  It is capable of sterilizing 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria in less than 30 seconds, including pathogenic bacteria such as viruses (Inf, Pavo, HIV),), general bacteria, tubercle bacillus, MRSA (super bacteria), Salmonella Listeria and pseudomonas as well as even fungus such as shigella and candida. In particular, is a nontoxic high-level disinfectant for pets manifesting superb bactericidal power against S. pseudointermedius (a type of staphylococcus), key bacteria for bacterial dermatitis on pets as well as stains generated from collected samples right after treatments on sick animals.

What can Medilox be used for?

Medilox is particularly effective in treating and disinfecting pets with skin bacterial infections (like hot spots) and fungal infections.  Just spray onto a thin cotton wool pad and apply on the affected areas for 5 minutes. It can also be used to disinfect cuts, grazes and paw pads after walks.  It’s also very effective as a deodorizer.

The scientific background of Hypochlorous acid (HOCI)

It is a lesser-known fact that Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is spontaneously generated within our own blood. Although it’s been known in general that active oxygen dissolves foreign substances such as bacteria, penetrated into our body, the truth is that it changes its form into HOCl for bactericidal action. Neutrophil leukocyte contains a great deal of enzyme called Myelo-Peroxidase (MPO), and this enzyme reacts to chlorine within the body to generate HOCl which sterilizes the bacteria penetrated into the body in a millisecond. The reason why neutrophil leukocyte generates HOCI is that it aims at “safe sterilization”.

Over thousands of years, humans have been protecting our bodies by generating HOCI inside the body.


Key Features

Powerful bactericidal effect in 30 seconds

It sterilizes up to 99.9% of general bacteria, fungus and virus regardless of species in 30 seconds, and it is a reliable product verified by certification agencies specialized in sterilization and disinfection.


It can be safely and conveniently used as it is non-irritant to skin, skin mucous and eyes of animals as well as colorless, odorless and water-sensation while promptly sterilizing various viruses and harmful bacteria, causative bacteria for infection of pets.

ECO Friendly

Unlike conventional disinfectants, it leaves no residues and it is easy to rinse due to its low concentration (50-70 ppm). It transforms into water (H2O) after elapsed time; thus, it is harmless to environment even if it is discharged to drainage


It can be easily used with its original solution without dilution as it is colorless, odorless and non-irritant.

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