We source the finest proteins and most wholesome ingredients from across Southern Africa and process and package them in our world-class production facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, to share with the rest of the world

Our uniquely African mix of novel “wild” protein sources include ostrich, venison, rabbit, and fish. These are complemented by sustainably farmed, free range beef, pork, chicken and lamb products. Because our suppliers practice sustainable farming, our proteins are healthy and human grade.

Our producers are established farming families who share our values. Suppliers undergo a rigorous selection process and must comply with the highest food safety and quality standards. Our strict forward and backward traceability system means that finished product ingredients can be tracked back to source.

Our 3,300m2 production facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the only SQF-approved pet food and treat facility in Africa. This facility boasts in-house freeze-drying facilities, extensive drying and cooking capacity and world-class forming machinery.

Receive free doorstep courier with $60 nett purchase

Announcement ~ We bid farewell to the production of our very own Furry Planet Made-to-Order Treats.

Only tendons and selected chews are available for cart out. Please see our home page for more information.