Revolutionizing Omega-3s since 1995

From Nordic’s founder Joar’s early experiences with substandard American fish oil and his conviction that better health was attainable, Nordic Naturals’ company philosophy was born.

Do whatever it takes to offer high-quality nutrients that bring health benefits to as many as possible.

Nordic Naturals set out to develop a manufacturing process that would make good on this ethos, beginning with fresh, pure fish oil products with high omega-3 value. These products began to change the way Americans perceived fish oil, and they eventually brought the wide-ranging benefits of omega-3s to a larger audience, including children, seniors, athletes, and even pets.

Nordic Naturals Human Line vs. Nordic Pet Collection™ — What is the difference?
Nordic Naturals was inspired to produce the Nordic Pet Collection™ to provide your pet companion with the same exceptional oils we produce for humans.

Our pet products have been reviewed and specially formulated for dogs and cats to maximize the omega-3 health benefits for your pet companion. We do not include rosemary oil or flavorings, which are contained in our human products and many omega-3 fatty acid supplements, in order to ensure safety for your dog or cat companions.

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Announcement ~ We bid farewell to the production of our very own Furry Planet Made-to-Order Treats.

Only tendons and selected chews are available for cart out. Please see our home page for more information.