Grass Fed Beef Tendons – 100g


* Limited packs IN STOCK * Made on 28 May 2022.

Beef tendons offers a tougher workout compared to pork tendons; partly due to its bigger size. It’s thus a great “workout” for jaw work and dental cleaning, the safe and natural way!

Our grass fed beef tendons are rid of the membranes, surrounding fats and connecting tissue, lessening the fat content (and oily smell) that comes with a typical lock, stock and barrel dehydration without such prep work. It also requires longer hours of dehydration.

See the difference when you get Furry Planet’s grass fed beef tendons!

Made in small batches only. May be in stock, or otherwise takes up to 14 working days to be ready.

Sanitized with Hypochlorous solution (HOCI), a natural and safe disinfectant approved by FDA.

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Tendons make a great chew with some good teeth cleaning capability. Packed full of collagen, they help build stronger joints and improve skin condition.

As with any chews, please supervise your pups closely when given.

Texture: Hard and chewy

Ingredients: 100% lean beef tendon (strictly no salt, colouring or additives)

Best consumed within 6 months from production date.

Available in 100g packs.

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