Chicken Feet


One pack of 100g in stock (made on 12 Nov 2021).

A healthy, natural option to increase bone intake while acting as a good, quick chew for your pups.

Sanitized with Hypochlorous solution (HOCI), a natural and safe disinfectant approved by FDA.

Treats production lead time: up to 14 working days from order confirmation.

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Chicken feet are packed full with protein, calcium, collagen, and cartilage and are a great treat for some teeth cleaning action. Our chicken feet treats are air dried at a higher temperature to pulverize weight bearing bones for safe chewing.

As with any chews, please supervise your pups closely when given.

Texture: Crunchy and chewy

Ingredients: 100% Chicken feet  (strictly no salt, colouring or additives)

Best consumed within 12 weeks from production date.

Available in 100g and 200g packs.

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