Pork Tendons – Double Braided (100g)


Pork Tendons double braided for a longer lasting chew.

Sanitized with Hypochlorous solution (HOCI), a natural and safe disinfectant approved by FDA.

Treats production lead time: up to 14 working days from order confirmation.

Made to Order

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Tendons make a great chew with some good teeth cleaning capability. Packed full of collagen, they help build stronger joints and improve skin condition. Our double braided pork tendons are made using two fresh pork tendons braided together for a longer lasting chew.

As with any chews, please supervise your pups closely when they given.

Texture: Hard and chewy

Ingredients: 100% lean pork tendon (strictly no salt, colouring or additives)

Best consumed within 16 weeks from production date.

Available in 100g packs.

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