BLUE BAY® - Nutri Complete for Dogs and Cats (200g)


BLUE BAY® - Nutri Complete for Dogs and Cats (200g)

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BLUE BAY® Nutri-Complete is a well-balanced formula of multivitamins and minerals that can facilitate growth of dogs and cats. It provides pets of all ages with long-acting and wide-coverage protection from diseases. It also improves body metabolism that keeps your pets healthy.

  • High-concentrate of multivitamins for growing pets, pregnant and lactating pets.
  • Rapid recovery for sick or nutrition-deficiency pets
  • Prevent diarrhea happened in weaning period of young pets.
  • Improve immunity, reduce stress and strengthen physical condition.
  • With addition of Zinc helps to repair of damaged cells and delay aging.

Made in Taiwan.

All of Furry Planet's BLUE BAY® products are directly imported from BLUE BAY® Pet Food, Taiwan. Be assured that your BLUE BAY® products are authentic and traceable.

Ingredients: Each 100g contains

Diastase 2000mg, Calcium 16mg, Iron 53mg, Ma 48mg, Phosphorus 2mg, Zinc 34mg, Vitamin A 26000 I.U., Vitamin D3 5200 I.U., Vitamin B1 20gm, Vitamin B2 30gm, Vitamin B6 30gm, Vitamin B12 0.5mg, Vitamin E 500mg, Vitamin C 150mg, Vitamin K3 0.05mg, Vitamin H 0.05mg, Folic Acid 26mg, Inositol 1000mg, Dl-methionine 2500mg.

Direction for Use ( 1 teaspoon=5gm)

Daily Care for Adult dogs : 1/2 teaspoon per 5kgs body weight per day.

Growing puppy / pregnant and nursing mother : 1/2 teaspoon per 2.5kgs body weight per day.

Cats: 1 gm (1/5 teaspoon) per 2.5kgs body weight per day.

BLUE BAY® Pet Food is an established brand owned by Yinbao Pet Health Enterprise Co., Ltd based in Taiwan. With its establishment of Australia and USA Laboratories, BLUE BAY® Pet Food focuses on high quality, functional formula for pets with nutrition and health as its core mission.

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