Gourmate Organic Green Lipped Mussels (50g) - 100% Whole Meat

Gourmate Organic Green Lipped Mussels (50g) - 100% Whole Meat
Gourmate Organic Green Lipped Mussels (50g) - 100% Whole Meat
Gourmate Organic Green Lipped Mussels (50g) - 100% Whole Meat

Gourmate Organic Green Lipped Mussels (50g) - 100% Whole Meat

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Get your dog jumping for joy again! Gourmate’s Organic Green Lipped Mussels are a delicious and sustainable snack packed with superfood goodness.

New Zealand's Green Lipped Mussel has the natural trifecta of omega-3s, chondroitin, and glucosamine to support joint health and other inflammation-related concerns. 

We take the very best organic mussels from the cold, clean waters of Stewart Island and snap freeze-dry them for maximum bioavailability. 

50g Net

  • Gourmate Pet Treat Co. Green Lipped Mussels are a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals for your dog's eyes, coat, cardiovascular health and immunity.

  • Known as a superfood for joint health, research has shown that New Zealand's Green Lipped Mussels can lessen joint pain and reduce inflammation without nasty side effects.

  • Humans also take Green Lipped Mussel extract to improve other ailments that involve inflammation such as arthritisasthma, psoriasis and bowel conditions.

Sustainability & Environment

  • Proudly New Zealand sourced, made, and owned.
  • As filter feeders Green Lipped Mussels need only seawater to grow and therefore are a highly sustainable animal protein.
  • Gourmate Pet Treat Co.'s mussels are sourced from a certified organic farm.


Our packaging is made from minimum 70% LDPE and is soft plastic recyclable in New Zealand and many other countries.


100% organic Green Lipped Mussel meat (Perna canaliculus).

Sourced, prepared, freeze-dried and packaged to human food grade standards.

Gourmate Pet Treat Co. mussels are processed with care to ensure their efficacy. No oils removed before freeze-drying and no cooking or heat drying.

No additives or preservatives.

Gluten free, dairy free, and grain free dog treats (it’s just Mussels).


Pet treats are intended for supplement feeding only. We recommend 1-2 mussels per day.

Freeze-drying removes the moisture from raw food to preserve it without cooking. Freeze-dried mussels may be included as part of a BARF or raw diet.

At Gourmate Pet Treat Co. we started with being as good as humanly possible to our pets, but we are not stopping there. We want to help pet parents make better choices for people and the planet too.

Gourmate Pet Treat Co. is New Zealand's first B Corp Certified Pet Business, reflecting our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices.

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, Gourmate shares the benefits of our country's innovative farming practices and more sustainable fisheries management, plus strong labour laws and human rights standards, with the world.

Good for our community:

Gourmate Pet Treat Co. is a female run company and for co-founders Laura and Steph our values have been central from the start.

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, our raw proteins are all sourced locally and batch freeze dried in Ōtautahi Christchurch. We love that our factory pays a living wage.

Gourmate advocates for better animal welfare practices within the pet industry. We care and share with local charities through the donation of treats, financial support, and awareness raising.

Good for the planet:

We know that pet ownership has an impact on the environment, so at Gourmate Pet Treat Co. we seek to provide better choices for your hungry pets.

New Zealand has a global reputation for ethical farming standards and more sustainable fisheries management.

At Gourmate Pet Treat Co. we only source organic, wild, or low density free range proteins from premium local suppliers.

In particular, Green Lipped Mussels are one of the most sustainable animal proteins available and a great choice for pet parents looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Being Organic, our mussels are not raised near farms or other water pollutants.

Gourmate Hoki is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable and our Alpine Freshwater Salmon comes from an amazing supplier that raises the fish in free flowing fresh water (no sea pens) without the need for pesticides, antibiotics, or genetically modified feed.

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