Sigone by Vivatec

Vivatec is a Japanese manufacturer that invented the world’s first 360 degree tooth brush in 2003. There is a range now. designed specifically for pets.  They partnered with Dupont to produce super fine bristles, packing as much as 20,000 bristles into a 360 degree brush head for dogs and approximately 30,000 bristles into the cat version. Each bristle is approximately 0.05mm making it super fine which make brushing a lot more pleasant for your pet.




Easy to use

This unique patented 360° brush head is designed for be brushed from any angle, compared to a conventional tooth brush. 

Gentle on gums

Industry’s smallest 0.05mm (DuPont) ultra-fine hair is adopted all around. A soft ultra-fine hair curve brush gently massages the gums of your dog and cat, so you can brush your teeth without they hating the experience.

Super effective

More effective than polishing with gauze or sheets. About 20,000 to 30,000 brushes (30 times that of conventional toothbrushes) firmly remove dirt between teeth and back teeth that are usually difficult to reach.

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