“Treat Treat!” ~ probably the words our furkids love to hear the most. And we would do anything to see their happy smiles and tail wags, don’t we?

We want to give the best, the most nutritious, the ones they go craycray for. So we use not only human grade, but premium cuts of meat, grass-fed and wild caught sources as much as possible. Then pair them with superfoods of your choice, such as organic herbs, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds.

No preservatives, colouring or artificial flavours are a standard. And we top this with food-safe sanitizing of all meats/produce prior to production; ensuring tip-top hygiene standards in our production protocol.

Furry Planet treats are all hand-made in Singapore, and not purchased in bulk and re-packaged. We take pride in our small batch production and platinum standards, right down to packaging materials used.

Explore our range of artisan treats on Furry Planet today…we promise only the freshest choices.

Further notes on food sanitizing; we use a non-toxic, food-safe hypochlorous solution to kill pathogens and bacteria in the prep process. Find out more about the hypochlorous solution generator here.

Superfoods for Pets?

Food Safety As Our Core Value

Our treats are thoroughly air dried using FDA guidelines ensuring safety and shelf stability.

We favour premium dehydrators with stainless steel trays to avoid any harmful transfer of plastic fumes or chemicals.

All raw meats are sanitized with HOCI (hypochlorous acid) – a natural, non-toxic sanitizer approved by FDA that is scientifically proven to kill bacteria and fungus.

Ultra Premium Treats

Chews & Bone Treats

Natural chews made only from locally sourced tendons. Not only are these tendons full of collagen, they are a great aid in maintaining good dental health. Complementing calcium and collagen intake are our bone treats that even small pups can manage well.



Receive free doorstep courier with $60 nett purchase

Announcement ~ We bid farewell to the production of our very own Furry Planet Made-to-Order Treats.

Only tendons and selected chews are available for cart out. Please see our home page for more information.