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    The brand Dermoscent® and its philosophy

    The range of Dermoscent® products provides innovative and efficient solutions to veterinarians to enhance the skin health and wellbeing of animals and, hence, respond to the expectations of pet owners.

    Put an end to skin problems

    The Dermoscent® products are intended to enhance the skin health of pets. They respect the physiology of the animals and are developed to be consistent with the specificities of every species. Dogs, cats and horses do not necessarily have the same needs, and, hence, it is very important to take into account their particularities when drawing up the formulas.

    Dermoscent® offers a complete range of skin care products to provide a clear solution to problems encountered by pet owners and by veterinarians. Thanks to a regular and continuous use of the Dermoscent® products, the animal’s skin is moisturised and reinforced. Its coat becomes shiny, smooth and less brittle again. Without any fragrance being added, a pleasant odour, adapted to its smell, emerges from its skin after use. The results contribute to the physical and psychological wellbeing of the animal, to the delight of its human environment, which hence finds pleasure again to be in contact with their beloved four-legged pal.

    2 products
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