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    To start, we work with holistic vets we know, love and trust to help formulate high-quality and hand-picked ingredients. Our products come with a Certificate of Analysis to prove they're tested for harmful substances, so you can be sure you’re getting a superior product. You can feel good knowing we continuously research and source quality ingredients from all over the world. Our bar is set high, and we won’t cheap out on low-grade ingredients.

    We believe hidden ingredients and fillers have no business in pet foods and pet products. And we think it’s only fair we tell you (the dog owner) exactly what is in every jar, because not only is it the decent thing to do, but because we’re dog owners too.

    18 products
    Four Leaf Rover BOVINE COLOSTRUM (16.5g - 33g)
    from $33.90
    Four Leaf Rover GUT GUARD - for irritated or leaky gut (100.4g)
    Four Leaf Rover PROTECT - Soil Based Probiotics (115.5g)
    Four Leaf Rover IMMUNITY rebrand to SEVEN 'SHROOMS - Organic Mushroom Mix (51g)
    Four Leaf Rover Yeast Guard (39.3g)
    Four Leaf Rover GUTS & GLORY - Grass-fed Organs For Dogs (42g)
    Four Leaf Rover SAFE-SEA: Green Lipped Mussel Oil For Dogs (113ml)
    Four Leaf Rover YEAST-FREE FIDO
    Four Leaf Rover RED ROVER - Organic Berries For Dogs (76.5g)
    Four Leaf Rover GREEN EGGS - Natural Joint Support (63g)
    Sale price $39.90 Regular price $46.90
    Four Leaf Rover BETTER BONES - Dried Bone For Homemade Diets (240g)
    Four Leaf Rover DIGEST (37g)
    Four Leaf Rover Liver-Kidney Clean (1.4oz - 39.9g)
    Four Leaf Rover TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM Extract (12g)
    Four Leaf Rover Lion's Mane- Organic Mushroom Extract (17.55g)
    Four Leaf Rover GREEN ROVER - Organic Greens (39g)
    Four Leaf Rover Saccharomyces Boulardii - Yeast-Based Probiotics For Dogs (46.7g)
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