Itch / Hot Spot Relief

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    Get quick relief when your pet get hot spots. Very often, when your pet has some itchy or hot spots, frantic scratching will usually occurs. When the skin is scratched or aggitated, that usually leads to secondary bacterial infection. So having some remedies of hand will come in handy!
    7 products
    MicrocynAH® Wound and Skin Care Spray (89ml / 473ml)
    from $26.70
    Adored Beast Owies & Oopsies Topical Spray (60ml) - Topical Cuts, Scrapes, & Sores
    MicrocynAH® Wound and Skin Care Hydrogel (8 oz - 227g)
    Pure and Natural Pet™ Certified Organic Itch Relief & Hot Spot Oil (4 fl oz - 59ml)
    Botanica Natural Herbal Cream (125ml / 300ml / 500ml)
    from $10.00
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    Dechra® TrizCHLOR™ 4 Spray Conditioner (8oz/236ml)
    Botanica Natural Anti-Itch Cream - 550ml
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