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    In our tropical climate, one of the most common issues that our pet's will face will be skin issues. However, besides the steroid laden medication that vets usually dispense, there is now a ever growing range of natural remedies that could provide safer long term relief for skin or coat issues.
    46 products
    Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet Fish Oil - wild caught sardines and anchovies
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    Rose-Hip Vital Joint Health Canine Supplement (150g-500g)
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    Four Leaf Rover Yeast Guard (39.3g) no
    Beyond Clean Chemical Free Food Grade Disinfectant
    from $6.90
    ABA Potent Sea Features
    Adored Beast Potent-Sea Omega-3 (60ml) -EPA & DHA
    Dr. Mercola SpiruGreen for Cats & Dogs (90g -180 tablets)
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    Beyond Clean Antimicrobial Wound & Skin Care - 250ml
    Four Leaf Rover YEAST-FREE FIDO rebranded YEAST GUARD PLUS
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    Four Leaf Rover SAFE-SEA: Green Lipped Mussel Oil For Dogs (113ml)
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    Fera Pet Organics Vegan Omega-3, 6, 9s Algae Oil (8oz / 236.5ml)
    VetriScience® - Probiotic Everyday For Cats (approx 60 bite-sized chews)
    VetriScience® - Nu Cat™ Multivitamin (30 chews)
    Adored Beast Yeasty Beast Topical Spray (60ml)
    Adored Beast Yeasty Beast Protocol (3 Product Kit) - for dogs only
    Botanica Cleansing Wash (300ml / 500ml / 5 Litre)
    from $27.00
    [NEW!] Fera Pet Organics - Skin + Coat Goat Milk Topper (180g)
    MicrocynAH® Wound and Skin Care Spray (89ml / 473ml)
    from $26.70
    BLUE BAY® - Richer Coat Supplement (100g- 180g)
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    VetriScience® - Nu Cat™ Multivitamin (90 chewable tablets)
    VetriScience® - Nu Cat™ Senior Multivitamin (30 chews)
    Adored Beast Owies & Oopsies Topical Spray (60ml) - Topical Cuts, Scrapes, & Sores
    Herbsmith Pure Krill - All Natural Source of Omega-3, Astaxanthin, Choline for Dogs and Cats
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    MicrocynAH® Wound and Skin Care Hydrogel (8 oz - 227g)
    Pet Wellbeing - Itch Support Gold - for Soothing Allergy-Related Itch in Dogs
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    Pure and Natural Pet™ Certified Organic Itch Relief & Hot Spot Oil (4 fl oz - 59ml)
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    Cranimals™ Gold Puppy And Cat Supplement (120g / 1.2oz)
    Botanica Natural Herbal Cream (125ml / 300ml / 500ml)
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    small animal cream-125ml
    Botanica Small Animal Care Cream - 125ml
    Botanica 6-in-1 Spray - 750ml
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    Dechra® TrizCHLOR™ 4 Spray Conditioner (8oz/236ml)
    Botanica Natural Anti-Itch Cream - 550ml
    Pet Wellbeing - Derma Support Gold - for Canine Healthy Coat, Odor & Itching (2fl oz / 59ml)
    Hyalogic HyaFlex™ Coat Conditioning Spray (118 ml)
    Pet Naturals® Superfood Treats - Peanut Butter (210g)
    Pet Naturals® Superfood Treats - Bacon (210g)
    Pet Naturals® Superfood Treats - Chicken Liver Flavor (210g)
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