About Us

Woofs and Waves!

Furry Planet is based in sunny Singapore, managed by a team of furry-loving humans whose lives are in turn ruled by four lovely pups.

In our individual journey as pawrents the past 20 years, we grew to be acutely aware of our pets' nutritional and wellness needs. We embrace the principle of preventive health, as opposed to tackling issues only when they occur. Many a times, we meet with questions whether we are over supplementing. In some cases, less is more – less vaccination, less spot-on treatments or ingestion of preventives (which is a low dose of pesticides).

Natural supplements on the other hand, aim to boost their well-being, plug potential health issues they might face as they age, and in gist, prevent or mitigate health issues.

Between our four pups, we manage a myriad of health issues on a daily basis. Our approach veers towards natural or holistic treatments and try as best to avoid the use of antibiotics or steroids. It is not to say we do not use them (eg. When they have UTI) but rather, we tend to manage synergistically with non-conventional treatments. Some of these examples are herbal tonics, TCM, acupuncture and even human-use remedies.

The well-being of our furkids is amongst the top priority in our life. We hope they will be as important in yours too.

What We Do and Why

Furry Planet started with a vision to make available products with quality ingredients, good efficacy, and brand ethics, so that our furry family members can enjoy the best possible health to stay with us for a long, long time.

And thus, we began our journey with making our very own treats, because how else do we ensure the best-in-class, without making them ourselves? We will never be as cost effective like buying commercial treats. But we can never be compared with them either, because our small batch, artisan produces will always have a more superior quality. Your pups will tell you the difference.

In our product curation efforts, we recognized that expensive brands do not necessarily mean good ingredients or results, and to look beyond the fanciful or “on-point” packaging of products. There are many “old” and established good brands out there, just not being readily available in our tiny island state. Our frustrations are that many of these pet brands didn’t make it to our shores due to our small market segment or they were simply not packaged pretty enough to catch on. We would like to work on this. Get more good products that work, enhance the health and wellness of our pets so that they can live a long and happy life with us. This is our simple mission.