Four Leaf Rover RED ROVER – Organic Berries For Dogs (84g)


Red Rover is rich in polyphenols, gut and brain-friendly probiotics, a healthy source of quercetin and helps activate detoxification.

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Red Rover is rich in polyphenols, gut and brain-friendly probiotics, a healthy source of quercetin and helps activate detoxification.

Avoid harmful additives. Red Rover is made with 100% natural fruits and berries.

Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in your dog’s gut to support the immune system.

Astaxanthin is a powerhouse ingredient that help support joint and eye health.

Active Ingredients per 2,800mg (2 tsp):

Organic apples with skin ... 800mg
Organic wild blueberries ... 800mg
Organic raspberries ... 800mg
Organic cranberries ... 395mg
Astaxanthin ... 5mg
Inactive Ingredients: None
(No preservatives, fillers, binders, or added flavorings)

Body Weight      Amount Per Day

10 - 25 Lbs         1/2 Tsp Once Daily (60 Day Supply)

26 To 50 Lbs     3/4 Tsp Once Daily (45 Day Supply)

51 To 75Lbs      1 Tsp Once Daily (30 Day Supply)

75 To 100 Lbs   1 1/2 Tsp Once Daily (22 Day Supply)

Over 100lbs      2 Tsp Once Daily (15 Day Supply)



Why does Red Rover contain astaxanthin?
Astaxanthin is one of the strongest antioxidants found in nature. Antioxidants help reduce aging and degeneration in the body.

Where is Red Rover made?
Red Rover is made in our GMP certified plant in Kentucky.

Is there Quercetin in Red Rover?
Yes, we made sure the organic apples in Red Rover contained the skin, which is a rich source of quercetin. Our apples are organically grown so the skins are free of toxic pesticide residue.

Can I give Red Rover in place of fresh fruits?
Red Rover was designed to affordably replace fresh fruits in your dog’s meals. Fruits can be expensive in some seasons, so our freeze-dried organic fruits are a cost effective and convenient way of making sure your dog gets a healthy serving of fruit daily.

Why does my dog need fruits and berries?
Fruits and berries contain a substance called polyphenols. Studies show polyphenols can help balance the gut and immune system and prevent and manage chronic diseases. Polyphenols are not present in meats.

Is your astaxanthin synthetic?
Natural astaxanthin has 90X the antioxidant activity compared to synthetic astaxanthin. Our astaxanthin is 100% natural. It’s derived from algae in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

What is astaxanthin made of?
Astaxanthin is made by the algae Haematoccus pluvialis.

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