Dr. Mercola Seasonal Support for Cats & Dogs (90g)

Dr. Mercola Seasonal Support for Cats & Dogs (90g)
Dr. Mercola Seasonal Support for Cats & Dogs (90g)
Dr. Mercola Seasonal Support for Cats & Dogs (90g)
Dr. Mercola Seasonal Support for Cats & Dogs (90g)
Dr. Mercola Seasonal Support for Cats & Dogs (90g)

Dr. Mercola Seasonal Support for Cats & Dogs (90g)

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Unlike the typical respiratory symptoms that plague humans with seasonal allergies, your pet experiences allergies as skin irritation, itchiness and inflammation. She may lose hair, develop rashes, hives, open sores, or “hot spots,” or inflamed ears and feel downright miserable.

If your pet’s symptoms change with the seasons, it’s likely he’s experiencing seasonal allergies caused by things like grass and weed pollens, trees, mold spores and insects.

Seasonal Support for Cats & Dogs is a carefully selected protocol of herbs and vitamins that supports your pet’s optimal immune function by promoting a healthy inflammatory response and normal histamine levels. This unique formula contains eight active ingredients that address the root cause of your pet’s discomfort:

  • Quercetin – Helps soothe skin related issues associated with seasonal allergies by promoting normal histamine levels
  • Bromelain – Increases the absorption of quercetin, supporting normal prostaglandin release
  • Vitamin C – Supports a normal inflammatory response
  • Bee Pollen – Widely used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Practice, bee pollen may help desensitize your pet to environmental allergens
  • Plant Sterols – Produced by plants, these molecules may support a normal inflammatory response and offer a balancing effect on immune function
  • Butterbur Extract – Promotes a healthy normal inflammatory response to allergens
  • Organic Stinging Nettle Leaf – Helps maintain normal levels of histamine and other inflammatory chemicals
  • Cat’s Claw – An herb from the highlands of the Peruvian Amazon that also promotes a normal immune response to allergies

    Left Untreated, Seasonal Allergies Can Turn Into a Year-Round Nightmare

    When your pet encounters something he’s sensitive to in his environment, his immune system responds by moving in to neutralize it. When he is allergic to something, his immune system launches an exaggerated response, causing a lot of discomfort when he comes in contact with an allergen.

    At a young age, the immune response may be minimal. He might experience only mild reactions, such as itchy ears or a red tummy.

    If you take him to a traditional veterinarian, they will typically treat these problems only symptomatically, which only addresses the discomfort for the short term.

    But because nothing is done to address the root cause of the allergic response, it’s almost certain your pet’s symptoms will return the following year when the weather changes and the pollens are out again.

    Only this time – the second year – his symptoms will be more severe. The itching will increase, or he’ll develop an ear infection or some painful hot spots.

    Again, a traditional vet will treat the symptoms until the season changes and the symptoms disappear once again.

    This approach sets your pet up for a repeating cycle of pain and discomfort. Each year, the symptoms get a little worse as the reactions to the unaddressed root causes become more intense.

    Symptoms that previously only erupted in the warmer months may start to rage year-round, creating continuous misery for your pet.

    The ideal approach to solving allergies is to address potential root causes as soon as symptoms begin to develop. For many sensitive pets, this usually occurs between six and twelve months of age. For most pets, seasonal allergies will develop within the first few years of life.

    A traditional veterinarian might use practices that suppress the response to allergens. In my opinion, this usually does more harm than good, as it interferes with normal immune function.

    Instead of suppressing your pet’s immune system, it’s best to take an approach to his allergies that supports his healthy immune response and strengthens his body’s ability to deal with allergens.

    See product picture

    See product picture

    Dr. Joseph Mercola founded Mercola.com in 1997 as a portal for natural health information and resources. It is one of the first health websites established to cater to readers who are interested in holistic medicine.

    Around 2007, Dr Mercola wanted to develop and produce a comprehensive natural health product line for pets. For a little over two years, he searched to bring on a holistic veterinarian who shared the same principles and philosophies on natural health that he has. In November of 2009, he reached out to Dr. Karen Becker. Dr Mercola was impressed with Dr Karen’s 20 years of veterinary experience, plus the research of creating protocols for pet products that integrated human-grade ingredients. So with like-minded mission and purpose, Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets was born. Our canine, feline, and even some other of our pet companions can be treated with some of the same heath regimens as humans, with supplements like probiotics and vitamin B just to name a couple, to take control of their health.

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