KilGerms Plasma Water Sterilizer


KilGerms Plasma Water Sterilizer

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KilGerms Plasma Water Sterilizer is a cost effective, super oxidized water generation system that enables you to easily generate Hypochlorous acid on demand. Safe, non-toxic and fast-acting to eradicate 99.9% of bacteria and fungus in 30 seconds.

What is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI)? A pH neutral, super oxidised water generated by electrolysis of a dilute salt solution passing through an electrolytic cell. HOCI is the same anti-microbial agent produced in our bodies to defend against pathogens such as bacteria. viruses, algae and fungal spores. KilGerms utilises advanced hypochlorous technology in the generation of activated solutions by passing an electric current through a dilute salt solution to generate an activated Hypochlorous solution and other active elements such as OH (Hydroxyl radical) which are highly effective in destroying microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses without any harmful effects to the human body or environment. FDA and EPA (USA) have approved Hypochlorous acid for food preparation, sanitizing of food contact surfaces, and sterilizing of raw meats without leaving behind any toxic chemical residue. 

Key Benefits:

Safety for users - Non-toxic & food grade, no additional protective equipment required when handling solution and it does not contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Effective disinfection - The Kilgerms disinfectant solution is safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic and has been independently tested and certified to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, fungi and viruses in 30 seconds.

Removes lingering odours - Pet odours, laundry and lingering odours are instantly removed, right before your...nose!

Made in South Korea. Official local warranty provided.

KilGerms International is committed to establishing safer environments through the use of next generation technologies to help maintain hygiene standards when needed.
Founded in 2013, KilGerms International has helped many businesses and individuals ranging from veterinary practices, childcare centres and home users protect themselves and their clients against microbial infections and the spread of microorganisms with chemical free and eco-friendly solutions.

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