Sigone 360° Toothbrush - for puppies and toy breeds (2.5kg and below)


Sigone 360° Toothbrush - for puppies and toy breeds (2.5kg and below)

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This unique patented 360° brush head is designed for be brushed from any angle, compared to a conventional tooth brush. This version is designed for puppies and toy breeds, with a smaller brush diameter of 10.7mm.

Designed for puppies and suitable for toy breeds below 2.5kg of weight:
  • Number of brushes: About 20,000 per brush head
  • Brush diameter: 10.7mm
  • Made in Japan

Sigone 360° tooth brushes uses the industry's smallest 0.05mm (developed by DuPont) ultra-fine hair is adopted all around. A soft ultra-fine hair curve brush gently massages the gums of your dog and cat, so you can brush your teeth without them hating the experience.

More effective than polishing with gauze or sheets. About 20,000 (20 times that of conventional toothbrushes) firmly remove dirt between teeth and back teeth that are usually difficult to reach.

Dupont brush bristles

Squeeze some tooth paste around the tooth brush, rotating the brush head and coat the brush head all around.
Brush your pet's tooth like a regular tooth brush, if they bit down on the brush, just rotate the tooth brush so that the 360 brush head can brush more effectively.

Founded in 2003 in Nagano prefecture in Japan, Vivatec is the manufacturer behind the Sigone brand. The 360 degree tooth brush is a patented invention from Vivatec and is borne out of a partnership with Dupont who manufactures the ultra fine brush bristles for the 360 tooth brush.

With more research, Sigone will continue to develop great dental products for our beloved pets.

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